Monday, January 31, 2011

Joe's Great Promotion

Dear fans of Joe's Flics:

As of January 2011, I have been hired due to the success and small expertise shown for my Joe's Flics site to work for as the Syracuse "Movie Examiner."


I just want to thank all you fans who have helped make this possible.  This is a big step for a fledgling freelancer and I plan on the future turning into a great and wild ride.

Hang on then and join me in this next step: become a fan of my new page on Examiner and follow my reviews.  The more quality feedback and following I get on my new review page, the more the financial kick-back!

And if anyone would like to write for Examiner about really ANYTHING - apply now and if you mention my name as a referral, I get a $50 commission!

Thank you again for being great fans!  I will keep updating the Movie Database so keep on checking that out for movie suggestions every time you need a good pick, and I'll see you on the Examiner, perhaps in Time Magazine, and hopefully at the LA premiere of one of my only moving pictures one day.

You're all great for helping me with this.  Thank you!

Cheesily sincere,

Joe from Joe's Flics

THE LINK TO MY EXAMINER PAGE: (thanks for clickin) = Ladies and gentlemen: The New Syracuse Movie Examiner!!!! (yeah big deal right? ha, 4 me, yes ;)