Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hotel Syracuse Movie?

Rumors about a big-budget Hollywood film entitled Hotel Syracuse are true: they are truly rumors.  There's nothing on IMDb about it, and CNY's local sites have only stale talk about filming last summer (announced last winter).

It's a real project though.  Syracuse University's film professor, Owen Shapiro, creator of the International Syracuse Film Festival, co-wrote the script about the hotel he loves with a friend who was “looking for a hotel” for his film idea, Israeli director Moshe Mizrahi.  (Cf.:

The main line talent attached to the project is the rightly esteemed actor John Malkovich (Ripley's Game, RED, Empire of the Sun, The Great Buck Howard) who plays a mathematics professor in town for a convention at the hotel where he starts seeing deceased people from his past.

A major actress is said to be linked to the project.

Though no further news blurbs have arisen, speculation about proximate/remote filming has increased due to the hotel's recent status as closed-to-events for renovation under new ownership.  The hotel has been inactive since May 2004, but continued to hold special functions until New Year's this year.

However, negotiations to sell the hotel has been halted due to red tape, making news readers wonder if the elegant hotel will go the way of Syracuse's Destiny USA (long-stagnant, long-anticipated mall expansion project).

Perhaps filmmakers are waiting for the hotel's new look.  Perhaps they shouldn't hold their breaths.

In any case, a film of this caliber could be an epic boost for an already legendary local landmark; and a film of any excellence would be a welcome legend in itself.

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