Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Oscar Predictions 2011

So the Oscars are right around the corner (Sunday, February 27th) and it's up to every film critic to show their stuff.

In a semi-neck and neck race for Best Pic, watch for a big win for The Social Network.  In his Golden Globe acceptance speech, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin summed up the film's quality in saying, "And to all of the people at Columbia who also think people who watch films are at least as smart as the people who make them."  Finally a film that doesn't make you feel like a child either because it's too dumb or too frickin' indiscernible.  Look for another Best Screenplay for Sorkin and most likely a Best Direction for pulling it all off.

Actor and actress look like a Globe repeat as well: Colin Firth for his incredibly moving King's Speech and Portman in the dramatic breakout role that shows how amazing she is (her striking Black Swan).

Supporting Globes went to some of the many great performances in The Fighter: look for Batman (Christian Bale) and his on screen mom to take the cake again.  However, since The Kids Are All Right is such a new age thematic piece, one can expect a lot of "no surprise" votes from the H-wood sector.

Animated will be Toy Story 3 hands down.  It got a Best Pic nomination as well.  If only Despicable Me was released a few months earlier or later, it would have gotten the man.  It won't.

Special effects and pretty much every cinematography and technical award will go to Inception, somewhat as a consolation prize.  It was great - really, really great; but not great enough to beat the (thank God) other excellent films of the year.  Like Avatar, it lost a lot of bang on the home theater (no 3-D) and for the second time (long and no surprises).  DiCaprio, the screenplay, Nolan, general acting all around, and the film can go on the great but unsung heroes list of 2010.

Look for a close runner up from the Cohens' True Grit: a great western as only the Cohens can perfectly make it.  We may be in for some surprises, as surprising as the young girl's performance in the movie of the same name.

So grab the popcorn, plop on the coach, and tune-in next Sunday for the biggest non-movie movie event of the year.  Then write back afterwards and tell this critic he was wrong.

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  1. Whoa. I was a lot wrong. Probly bc I didn't see TKS. Gotta. So got to. Cheers! Long live the King!