Friday, February 12, 2016

5 Movies To Watch on Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

Well, it’s that time of year again. Love is in the air, and it smells like shit for many of us. Here I am at Starbucks (blogging, I know) ready to hurl in my coffee every time I see a “cute couple” or a Tinder date (especially the latter).

I decided to resurrect my “Flics” blog this weekend so this post seemed like the most fitting start.

Here are a few recommendations for your lonely Val Day viewing (and are also 5/5 stars in my opinion.)

Perhaps the least-known Coppola movie, starring Gene Hackman in his best role next to French Connection, and also featuring Harrison Ford (wild applause) in a bit role. (He also shows up in Apocalypse for about as long.)

Hackman’s character is the best of the best in the world of audio espionage. He’s got skeletons in the closet (great reveal moment) and a heavy conscience as he is contracted to do a job he feels will somehow end badly.

Why is this Val Day appropriate? There’s this amazingly dysfunctional love story that peaks it’s way into the film early on. Pathetic in itself but genius writing. Enjoy that.

According to the experts, this is the “most realistic fictional psycho” in film. Cormac McCarthy’s novel-turned-my favorite Coen Bros. film (it’s a close call with Lebowski) keeps you on the edge all the way through.

Bardem breaks the mold in this unprecedented performance, and the ending may feel like most of our love lives. No spoilers.

Because not only is this the only film where Harrison Ford got nominated for (but never got - yet) the Oscar (cryin’ shame), but it’s just a fantastic, tragically lesser seen film.

Peter Weir (Truman Show, Gallipoli) combines brutal Philadelphia violence with “Amish Paradise” in a ballsy way.

Fun fact: Harrison Ford came up with the dance scene. Definitely got robbed that year.

Why is it on the list? Watch and see. And don’t fuck with an Amish guy who looks like Harrison Ford.

The best “watch after a breakup” therapy movie on the planet. (I know I use it for that.)

“You’re so money man! You’re so money and you don’t even know it!” - Vince Vaughn performing a John Favreau script

This is Favreau’s best ever. The answering machine talking to him (ode to Woody Allen’s Hall there) and the “wait three days” scenes are fucking fantastic.

Because there was only one time Ted Mosby was right. And this was it.

It’s so true you may cry.

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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