Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why Deadpool Is Great (No Spoilers)

What did I do this Valentine’s Day? Okay, guess.

First off, I’m writing this as a fan of good movies: those things they make so anyone can see and enjoy. I’ve read probably 50-odd comic books in my life and that doesn’t give me any less right to enjoy or talk about a movie about a comic book character I know nothing about beyond the silver screen.

That being said, here are a few reasons Deadpool was fantastic and it’s worth the $15-$99 IMAX 3D ticket prices to see it. (I saw it in standard, fuck slightly bigger screens.)

  1. The Opening Credits
Nothing like a movie making fun of the movie business from the very first moment. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the “Director” credit is pretty fucking funny.

  1. Balls-Out Comedy
When did we become so afraid to tell jokes without being afraid to offend people? It’s a goddam joke. There are way too many to mention (and I don’t want to ruin any) but the interchange between Ryan Reynolds and his chi-mo looking recruiter is pretty hilarious. As is most everything.

I even saw an article on “jokes that didn’t make the cut,” despite the R-rating.

  1. It’s Rated-R
Yeah, that’s right, I said that. There are certain things in life that shouldn’t be taboo and are powerful when not ignored in fiction. After all, fiction influences life and vice versa, and hopefully for the better.

(The logic that all non R-rated movies are shit and all R-rated ones are good does not follow. In this case, it happens to help, in my opinion.) 

The interchange between Ryan and his love interest, for interest. Very powerful (R-rated) stuff. “R” doesn’t always mean “put shit in the movie,” but hopefully, as in this case, it gives the filmmaker license to not hold back on “truth.”

James Gunn (Guardians director) just made a statement along those lines.

  1. An Actually Great Love Story
Why do we so often not “give a damn” when it comes to flashy superhero flick romance? Usually the characters are underdeveloped, unbelievable, and the lovey-dovey stuff is very cliche.

This time it’s different. In a sequence that can be compared to the polar opposite of the masterful Citizen Kane “falling out of love” scene, Deadpool pulls our heartstrings to believe in love again, and yes, in a comic book film adaptation.

  1. It Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously
If the opening credits weren’t already enough, the “fourth wall,” the budget comments, the make-fun of characters that don’t appear in the film (“McAvoy or Stewart” was one of my favorite lines! #LMAO) - we can have more fun because the writers know how to.

And don’t forget to stay after the credits for the “coup de grace.”

  1. The Action
Yeah, that’s good too; but for once they listen to Aristotle and put the “plot and characters” before the “spectacle.” Hollywood take note.

  1. “I Know I’m Not the Only One” - Sam Smith
As my good friend, Ben Ingber (UrbanGeekCNY) will confirm, I probably use Rotten Tomatoes more than anyone else you know. They help me save a lot of time, not to mention money. Rarely, have they ever steered me wrong. And by they I mean, the most movie watchers on the internet together with the most critics.

So there’s that.

According to RT, 96% of users liked the film, along with 84% of critics. The Revenant (that movie that got best Golden everything) got 81%. Yeah.

And Ben and my other friends liked it. So hell yeah I saw it. And you should too. [Not for little kids, or people who are offended by things they shouldn’t be offended by.]

After a record breaking, money raking opening weekend, I hope we can expect more of this (originality, according to Gunn). And that Hollywood gets the "this" right.

Don't hold your breath.

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  1. Well met bringing Aristotle into the discussion. Deadpool is one of those comics that elevates the genre into the intellectual stratosphere without compromising the essence of picutre books. A reference back to a great mind such as this is only fitting.